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License Wizard

Step #2

Does your organization meet requirements for a statutory exemption? (in accordance with Title 71 §21-101.1)

To help answer the above question above, read the questions below and respond at the end:

  • Is your organization fully regulated by a different state agency, including:    
    • Barber/Beauty School?
    • FAA-regulated Flight School?
    • Professional pre-licensing (exam prep), ongoing continuing education, or post graduate certificate training?
    • Degree-only programs (associates through doctorate) overseen by Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education?
  • Is the organization involved in general (secondary) education 
  • Is the organization supported by local or state taxation?
  • Is the training to be provided to be paid by an employer or a professional organization without any cost to the student?
  • Is the training to be provided solely in the field of an avocation, hobby, recreation or entertainment?
  • Can your organization's training be described as parochial, denominational, sectarian or eleemosynary?
  • Will only degrees (associates, bachelor, masters, doctorate) be offered?
  • Do your seminars or workshops include less than 24 hours of training per calendar quarter AND do you earn no more than 20% of your gross revenue for training, per CPA financials?

Yes to any of the above  Continue to Step #3 that describes how to apply for approval of an exemption.

No to all the above Continue to Steps #3 then #4 to explore the type of OBPVS license permitted.

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Please note that this is a only a guide to determine your eligibility for licensing.