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License Wizard

Step #3, Yes

Send an exemption request.

By answering "yes" you may be eligible for an exemption. To have the potential exemtion reviewed, email or mail a written request with documentation to ask the Board to approve the exemption.

After submitting a request for exemption the Board will review your request and may ask follow-up questions. After the Board's determination the OBPVS staff will contact you if the Board has or has not granted the exemption.

What do I need to provide for an exemption request? 

The written request for exemption should include the following, at a minimum:

  • Identity of the entity making the offering of a program and the entity’s owner, if different.
  • Website(s) of the entity and owner
  • Narrative description of offering, any fees, and the targeted training participants or “students”
  • Who would pay the entity for training
  • The specific exemption category the entity believes it meets in accordance with Title 70 O.S. §21-101.1; and
  • A copy of an existing brochure or the proposed offering materials that describe the training and its eligible participants.

Contact for Submitting a Request

You may send your documentation to the OBPVS using mail or by email.


3700 N.W. Classen Boulevard
Suite 250
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

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