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Relicensing for FY-2018 is Due June 1, 2017

Relicensing for FY-2018 is Due June 1, 2017

Step #1
If your School hasn't already done so, ENROLL in an annual training event NOW!  The last event scheduled is a Webinar the morning of April 21st.

A School's in-state personnel are welcome to attend the Webinar broadcast in-person, either if one-on-one contact is preferred or if the school's internet provider cannot support Webinar attendance.  

However, it is important to alert the OBPVS to your plan to attend live, to ensure that the Staff brings a set of hard-copy materials for your use! 

If you have not registered, yet, email the OBPVS to be placed on the Agency list and to receive a Registration Form; Use angela.moore@obpvs.ok.gov. 

Step #2
To make sure the school is ready to submit its third-party documents required as part of relicensing, the School needs to make appointments with:

  • The School's CPA for the annual Financial Statements
  • The local Fire Marshal for the school's annual Inspection
  • Insurance Agent/Broker for:
    • An updated Liability ACORD, and
    • A Bond Continuance or Rider if the School uses a Surety Bond
  • Banking Personnel, if, instead of a Surety Bond, the School uses a Certificate of Deposit (C.D.) and has no Statement from December 31, 2016 (at the earliest). That's because the School will need to submit a valuation as part of the overall relicensing application.

Step #3
If you've already attended Training and have not YET received the Forms, you may obtain those Forms from the Forms Tab of this Website.  Or, email cory.lawson@obpvs.ok.gov and copy nhouse@obpvs.ok.gov to be provided with those Forms. ALL of the FY-2018 Relicensing Forms are identical to last year's EXCEPT the Instructions (Form 1020CM).