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Forms to Apply as New School or New Seminar

The application packets below for a school or a seminar provider type of application contain all necessary forms that are also listed individually below.  Individual forms may be downloaded separately from a packet.

Form # Form Title
- New School Application Packet
- New Seminar Application Packet
1440CM New School Application Instructions 
1450CM New School Application and Checklists 
1100CM Course Information Form 
1130CM Current Instructor List
1140CM Instructor Qualification Record/Application 
1145CM Instructor Assignments, Additions/Deletions 
1150CM Director/AAO Qualifications/Application 
1155CM Supplemental Information (Felony Record) 
1160CM Private School Surety Bond 
1170CM Collateral Agreement Governing C.D.*
1180CM Application for Private Solicitor License 
1190CM Citizenship/Qualified Alien Affidavits 
1210C Catalog Checklist 
1220C Enrollment Agreement Checklist 
1280CM Course Outline Hours 
1380CM Compilation Attestation**
1470CM Course Repeats Attestation

*in lieu of a Form 1160CM
**Compilation Financial Statements use only; not required for Reviews or Audits

Applying for Licensure FAQs

  1. How do I know if I have to be licensed? Are there licensing Exemptions?
    Yes. Exemptions to licensing are set out in law. Refer to Form 1330CM (the OBPVS' Enabling Statute, Title 70 O.S. §21-101.1) and the License Wizard.

  2. May I telephone or email the OBPVS to be sure I am reading an Exemption correctly?

  3. How do I apply for an Exemption?
    Refer to Page 2 in the Form 1440CM (Instructions to Apply for a License).

  4. Is it only Oklahoma Schools that the OBPVS licenses?
    No. The OBPVS also licenses correspondence and on-line schools. In addition, some live Schools located outside of Oklahoma offer to Oklahomans using national publications or call centers. Those, too, must be licensed by the OBPVS.

  5. Does a Branch have to be licensed?
    Yes. The Branch applies just like a New [Main Campus] School. A separate application must be submitted, although certain materials like the Catalog may be shared.

  6. How do I know when I apply I will apply as a School or as a Seminar?
    The standards to be licensed as a Seminar are set by Administrative Rule and Statute. To decide, make use of the License Wizard.

  7. What do I do if I still can't tell the difference?
    Call or email the OBPVS for assistance.

  8. How do I start the application process?
    1. The OBPVS staff suggests that you start by reviewing these "New Applicant" Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.
    2. Then, prepare the full application from the Forms to Apply as New School or New Seminal section.
    3. After conducting its own internal review, the applicant submits all documents to the OBPVS in printed form (via hard-copy) along with the required fee(s). The OBPVS receipt starts a 120-day period for the Applicant to complete the application and the OBPVS to approve or deny the license.
    4. The date the OBPVS receives the initial Application starts a one-hundred twenty (120) day period for Application completion and approval. However, if an OBPVS staff review is delayed, then the 120-day period does not begin until the staff starts its review.
    5. The OBPVS staff will then conduct an initial, detailed "desk review."
    6. The OBPVS staff will communicate any missing or incomplete items to the applicant in writing (usually via an email attachment), along with any initial documents that require revision.
    7. The applicant then returns to working on the Application to prepare missing items, and to submit information to complete unfinished items after finishing, and to make required changes.
    8. The OBPVS staff conducts a re-review. This step repeats as often as necessary until all documents are on file, complete, and compliant with Oklahoma's private vocational school laws and Rules, or the OBPVS denies approval for the application.
    9. If the school is not denied and is located in Oklahoma, the OBPVS staff will next schedule a site visit (inspection).
    10. If the site visit is successfully passed, the OBPVS approves the application as documented by issuance of:
      1. A physical license for a Main school, and an Approval Letter detailing the OBPVS-approved programs of study and each program's total cost and length, or
      2. The same type of an Approval Letter for a Branch school.

  9. Does this mean the Form 1450CM is not the only requirement to apply?
    That's correct. There's a checklist on page 9 of the Form 1450CM.

  10. What does it take for an applicant to complete the entire New School Application Process"?
    1. The form 1450CM needs to be fully completed.
    2. All other supporting forms (or substantially similar documents) must be submitted, and fully completed.
    3. All copies or other required documentation must be submitted.
    4. All Forms must be properly signed and notarized (when indicated).
    5. Taken together, the package of documentation needs to evidence that the applicant may comply with the private vocational school laws and Rules of Oklahoma.

  11. Where do I get the Forms to apply for a license?
    There are alternative answers, depending on what suits you and your timing best:
    1. Refer to the forms page to download a packet of all forms or a desired, individual form.
    2. Email or telephone the OBPVS to ask for the Form Set to be emailed to you. These requests are fulfilled using two standardized emails. The first will provide explanatory materials and the second will provide the actual Forms.
    3. Mail a check to the OBPVS for the statutory Application Packet Fee for Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00) and a hard-copy Application Packet, including explanatory materials will be mailed to you via regular USPS Mail.

  12. How long does it take to become licensed?
    The OBPVS staff conducts its reviews in the order that an application is received, that is first-come, first-served for completed Applications. Receipt of the Application establishes the 120-Day period for Application completion or denial. The process is expedited when the OBPVS' additional information requests identified during an initial review(s) are promptly fulfilled by the Applicant.

  13. Why would an application be denied?
    The OBPVS Board wishes to encourage interested persons to make available vocational education for Oklahomans. By law, the OBPVS Board sets minimum standards. If the applicant is unable to comply with the standards for instruction/Instructors, other personnel, facility, financial stability, etc. the Application will be denied, but not until after the Applicant has the opportunity to remedy an identified deficiency(ies) if the item is able to be remedied.

  14. What does it mean to be, "accredited"?
    The term "accreditation" may be used in a couple of different ways depending on the context in which it is used.
    1. To the OBPVS it is used in identifying a separate, independent process conducted by a non-governmental entity with its own application steps. The standards applied by an accreditor vary with each accreditor.
    2. The term "accreditation" may be implied by others to mean the authority of the OBPVS to license a school. However, the OBPVS does not identify itself with the term accreditation this way. Schools are, "licensed," by the OBPVS.

  15. Does the OBPVS require schools to be accredited?
    No. If a school secures accreditation and self-imposes the higher standards of the accreditor, the school will be responsible for maintaining the accreditor's higher standards.

  16. If "accreditation" is being used by the U.S. Department of Education (Department) as a prerequisite to being approved for Title IV Funding for students, what does that mean?
    Visit the US Department of Education list of approved Department Accreditors.

  17. What does it take to be accredited to satisfy a Department Title IV Funding requirement?
    Use the information in the US Dept. of Education to review the Standards provided on each individual accreditor's website. In general, an accreditor's standards will be more complex and may be more strict than the OBPVS' minimum standards. Many Accreditors require a school to be licensed and operate for two (2) years before the accreditation application process begins.

  18. What is required for a school to be eligible for Title IV Funding approved by the Department?
    In general, a license of State Authorization must be held, the Department's application process must be successfully accomplished, and the school must be accredited by a Department-approved accreditor. Hence, the Department application cannot be started until at least two (2) years of operations are completed. To learn more, use the various government websites provided.

  19. School Personnel Matters
    1. The Forms 1140CM and 1150CM may require a Transcript to be submitted to demonstrate a School Employee's academic qualifications. Do Transcripts need to be originals (official copies)? The OBPVS accepts unofficial and copied Transcripts. An Official Transcript is only required when the OBPVS specifically corresponds that one is needed.
    2. How do I know what the Qualifications are to be approved to be an AAO, [Campus Executive] Director, Instructor, or Solicitor?
      1. See the Rules at OAC 565:11-1 of the Form 1390CM, or
      2. Study the narratives adjacent to the Qualification Check Boxes on form 1140CM (Instructor), form 1150CM (AAO or Director), or form 1180CM (Solicitor). All forms are available on the forms page.
    3. The Forms 1140CM and 1150CM list multiple types of Qualifications. Does an applicant to be an Instructor or AAO/Director have to meet ALL of the Qualifications?
      No! One "type" of Qualification is sufficient. However, if an applicant meets multiple standards, please check more than one box.
    4. What documentation must accompany forms 1140CM or 1150CM?
      That depends on the "qualification" type/standard.
      1. Academic - Submit a Transcript copy.
      2. Work Experience - Fill out the "employment portion" of the Form and/or submit a Resume'.
      3. National or State License - Submit proof of it.
      4. National Certification - Submit a copy of the certification or download verification of certification from the National organization's website. A completion certificate from a private vocational school does not constitute national certification.
    5. Describe an "other qualification."
      These must be individually approved by the OBPVS Board. Please do NOT check this box if another, standard qualification applies. To be approved, the "other" qualification would need to be something that is comparable to a required qualification type. Its purpose is to provide sufficient background to allow him/her to perform the role's official duties.
    6. What are the differences between an Authorized Administrative Official ("AAO") and a Director?
      1. The Director serves as the on-campus primary contact for the OBPVS during site visits.
      2. Except on-site, the AAO serves as the primary contact (the one the OBPVS corresponds with) and is the official, designated by the school, with sole authority to represent the school and act on its behalf with the OBPVS (why some Forms require AAO signature).
    7. May the AAO and the Director be the same person?
    8. Do the Director and AAO have to be the same person?
      No. Often the OBPVS sees an AAO being designated by a school who offices out-of-state and works in a department such as "Compliance," or "Accreditation and [State] Licensing." The AAO will typically be expert in what to report and how to respond to inquiries from Agencies like the OBPVS.
    9. Does an Owner(s) have to serve as the Director or AAO?
      No. The Director and AAO positions need to be filled by a person(s) who have the time to dedicate to the performance of the respective duties. For more information refer to the position requirements in OAC 565:10-11-1 available in the OBPVS Rules.
    10. The OBPVS Rules mention that the Director must be a person familiar with educational administration including, "the development of curriculum capable of preparing students for specific job entry levels." Are there any exceptions?
      Yes. When curriculum is set nationally either by a national Director/V.P. of Education or provided by a Vendor for certification (such as computer certifications like Microsoft® or CISCO®) the Director's role in curriculum-setting is minimized or fully eliminated. However, the school should submit that information to the OBPVS for an initial OBPVS staff review then ultimate Board approval as an, "other qualification."
    11. I see that Oklahoma requires Personnel Qualifications to be filed for Instructors, AAOs, and Directors. What about other School Officials?
      When a change occurs for example with the Directors (or V.P.s) of Career Services, Education, Financial Aid, or other support departments, the School is not required to submit those changes to the OBPVS and does not have to secure OBPVS approval.
    12. Will the OBPVS tell me the status of a Solicitor license Approval or Renewal?
      Yes. Just call us.

Fee Schedule

All fees are authorized by Title 70 O.S. §21-106, unless otherwise indicated:

Fee $ Amount
Hard-Copy New School/Branch Application Packet $25
New Main School Application & License Fee $1200
New School Solicitor Fee, per Person $200
New Branch School Application & License Fee $300
Main School or Branch Annual Renewal Fee
(based on annual tuition collection level)
Solicitor Renewal, per Person or
Fee for a New Solicitor after the school is issued its original license
Review Fee for a School Catalog and/or Catalog Addendum(s), per Location $50
Change of Location Fee $25
Returned Check or Other Payment TBD
Annual Training Workshop/Webinar Fee, per School Registrant $100
Late Fees for Relicensing submitted after June 1st
(based on # of historical violations w/in 10 year period)
Copy Charge per Title 51 O.S. §24A.,5,(3)per Page $0.25

*After the 3rd violation the school must re-apply as if a brand new school/branch.

Tuition Collection Level Fee Amounts (Annual Renewal) 

Tuition Collection Level $ Fee Amount
$0 - $50K $700
>$50K - $250K $800
>$250K - $500K $950
>$500K - $1M $1100
>$1M - $3M $1300
> $3M $1500

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