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License Wizard Step 1

License Wizard

This License Wizard should only be used as a guideline to determine if you need a License of State Authorization.

Step #1

Respond to the questions below:

  • The organization is not private (a non-public/governmental entity)?
  • The organization does not receive payments from anyone for training services?
  • The organization will not provide training that is potentially vocational in nature such as job preparation or job advancement?


Yes to all above

If you answer yes to all of the above questions, then the organization may be eligible for an exemption from licensing.  Click the "yes" button below to further study Exemptions.


No to any above

If you answer no to all of the above questions, it is likely that the organization may have to license with the OBPVS.  Click the "no" button below to review the types of licenses the OBPVS issues.