The mission of the OBPVS is to establish, measure, and enforce standards of compliance through licensure of private vocational schools in order to support institutions, protect students, and meet workforce development needs.


April 16, 2021

Please review/update the telephone number(s) you have saved for the OBPVS.  The 2nd line (405/528-3371) was cancelled as a cost-saving measure.  The Main line (405/528-3370) & FAX (405/528-3366) BOTH still work.  Thus, when you call, you MAY receive a Busy Signal.  If you do, CALL BACK.  For off-hour calls, direct Extensions to the Voicemails of Angie Moore (EXT. 21) & Nora House (Ext. 24) do still work.

March 15, 2018

You might not be able to imagine someone taking advantage of students from closed schools or other tough spots – but! Scammers are out there.

A former student who is eligible may apply for her or his own Closed School discharge or other loan forgiveness, discharge or cancellation. That student does NOT have to use a contractor or PAY a contractor (possibly hundreds of dollars) to make application for a loan adjustments or termination!!!