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The Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools is a proud partner of the Oklahoma Works program.

Oklahoma Works brings all of our state’s workforce resources together, connecting employers, employees and job-seekers to information and programs that help build Oklahoma’s workforce.


The mission of the OBPVS is to establish, measure, and enforce standards of compliance through licensure of private vocational schools in order to support institutions, protect students, and meet workforce development needs.


The Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools ("OBPVS") was created by statute July 1, 1970.  

The purpose of the agency is to license, regulate, and set standards for operation of private schools that conduct occupational training.  Prior to 1982, fiscal responsibility for the Board was held by the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs.  

In 1982, the OBPVS became a free-standing state agency.


The Agency is funded by statutorily-set fees paid by licensed Schools and Applicants for licensure.  The OBPVS receives no Appropriations from the General Revenue Fund.  The Agency pays ten percent (10%) of its receipts into the General Revenue Fund of the State of Oklahoma.

Board Composition

By law, the OBPVS Board may consist of up to nine members. Six are appointed by the Governor. Four represent schools of the type licensed by the Agency, and two come from business and industry not connected with private schools. The final three are designees for the leaders of other State Agencies (the Chancellor of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, the Director of the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. [Title 70 O.S. §21-102.]

See the Board Member page for current member information.

Statutory Authorities

By law, under Title 70 O.S. §21-102.1, the OBPVS is given multiple authorities that range from:

  • Fixing minimum standards for the licensure and operation of private schools, i.e. giving State Authorization
  • Providing license application forms to interested persons
  • Approving or disapproving applications for license, license renewal, or exemption
  • Issuing licenses of State Authorization that may be required to be documented for an entity to apply for Federal Title IV Funding, independent Accreditation, or to contract with various State Agencies to serve the clients of those other Agencies
  • Collecting data to assist the Agency Mission or to carry on the state's workforce development efforts
  • Promulgating Rules to carry on its responsibilities
  • Making use of various inter-state Reciprocity Agreements to perform efficient regulation
  • Providing annual compliance training for licensed schools
  • Prescribing penalties in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act
  • Certifying electronic or hard-copy OBPVS records
  • Requiring entities to repay fees for returned payments
  • Appointing a Director to carry out routine Agency business

See also the OBPVS Permanent Rules from the Oklahoma Administrative Code.

See also the OBPVS Enabling Statutes.