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Buyer Beware Scam Alert about Student Loans

You might not be able to imagine someone taking advantage of students from closed schools or other tough spots – but! Scammers are out there.

A former student who is eligible may apply for her or his own Closed School discharge or other loan forgiveness, discharge or cancellation. That student does NOT have to use a contractor or PAY a contractor (possibly hundreds of dollars) to make application for a loan adjustments or termination!!! 

In addition, no one can accurately guarantee you that their efforts will result in a successful discharge, cancellation, forgiveness, or modification of the Student Loan terms! That is a Federal function and parties to the process must follow Federal guidelines.

To learn more and to avoid getting ripped off, check-out the following Link to Scam disclosures:

This article may "look old" but it's as valid in September 2021 as it was in 2018 when first posted.