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Student Forms

Upon request from former Wright Career College students in Oklahoma City or Tulsa (enrolled between August 2007 and April 2016) or Heritage College students in Oklahoma City, the OBPVS will provide a Transcript Request Form.  Just telephone or email the OBPVS.

Form # Form Title
1250CM Complaint Form

Student Information: Complaints

  1. Does the OBPVS take complaints?
    Yes, from students applying to or enrolled in a school licensed by the OBPVS. The complaint should be submitted in writing to the OBPVS by the affected student within one year of the event giving rise to the complaint. See OAC 565:1-3-2 and OAC 565:10-11-8 in the OBPVS Rules (PDF).
  2. Can the period to complain be extended?
    See OAC 565:1-3-2(f) in the OBPVS Rules (PDF).
  3. Is there a Compliant Form?
    Yes. Obtain Form 1250CM.
  4. Do I have to use the OBPVS Complaint Form?
    Use is recommended, but the OBPVS will accept the same necessary information in the format of a signed letter. A plain email cannot be accepted, because a signature is required to start the complaint.
  5. May I attach documentation?
    1. For many complaints, additional information is helpful to the OBPVS' complaint investigation.
    2. It is not mandatory, but helpful, for the student to provide a brief chronology of the event details to help the OBPVS understand the reason for the complaint.
    3. Attach all of the COPIES desired, but do NOT send the OBPVS original documents.
  6. How do I file a Complaint? 
    Mail, FAX, or scan the complaint (Form or letter, plus any supporting documentation and copies) to the OBPVS. The Complaint Form provides specific submission details.
  7. Will the School be told that I complained? 
    Yes. The OBPVS is required to forward the Complaint to the School for its response as part of the investigation.
  8. What if the School retaliates against me? 
    Schools are not permitted to do so. If the student thinks this is the case, that matter should be reported to the OBPVS for separate handling.
  9. How does the OBPVS determine a Complaint? 
    The OBPVS applies the private vocational school Statute, Rules, the individual student's catalog and enrollment agreement, and other relevant documentation or information to ascertain if a violation of OBPVS standards has occurred. The OBPVS does not have authority (or jurisdiction) over every possible matter.

Student Information: Closed Schools and Student Records

  1. What is a, "Closed School"? 
    A school that at one time was licensed by the OBPVS, but is no longer open for whatever reason, and therefore is no longer OBPVS licensed.
  2. Is it common for a school to close? 
    The OBPVS has many schools still open today that were originally licensed in the 1990s, or earlier, but some schools do close.
  3. Why would a school close? 
    Private vocational schools are independent businesses not supported by tax dollars, so from time to time a business decision is made to cease providing training.
  4. What typically happens when a school closes? 
    The majority of school closures have an orderly wind-down. That is, the school decides to close, then either internally or externally teaches out its last students, and makes arrangements regarding student records. Unfortunately, a school may, instead, close abruptly without advance notice to the school's students, the OBPVS, the U.S. Department of Education, or the school's independent accreditor(s).
  5. What is a, "Teach out"? 
    A teach-out is simply a term used for a school making arrangements for its students to complete training prior to ending a Program or closing the school. Internal teach-outs are conducted by the school. External teach-outs are arranged with another school(s) and may take place at the original school location or at another location that may include the facility of a different school. The purpose of a teach-out is for the original school to facilitate its existing students completing their training.
  6. Does anyone approve teach-outs? 
    As applicable to a specific school, the OBPVS, the U.S. Department of Education, or the independent Accreditor may each review and be required to approve the teach-out arrangements.
  7. When there is a smooth closure, who keeps the student records? 
    Those arrangements are determined by the closing school. Some ship records in hard-copy or electronically to another private vocational school for retention. When this is done, the accepting school is able to issue the closed school's transcripts just like it does for its own students. Other times, the closing school transfers its records to a commercial vendor from whom the student will access her or his records in the future.
  8. When there is an abrupt closure, where do student records go? 
    The answer will depend on the closure. The school remains responsible for student records, but you may call or email the OBPVS for information. When possible, the OBPVS tries to provide information to students about where records are held or if the school delivered the records somewhere.
  9. Does the OBPVS maintain any Student Transcripts? 
    Presently, the OBPVS has transcripts for only two recently closed Schools.  The OBPVS obtained those Transcripts with special permission granted due to unusual closure circumstances.
  10. What Student Transcripts does the OBPVS have now? 
    The OBPVS received incidental approval to accept Transcripts for only those students enrolled at the Wright Career Colleges in Oklahoma City and Tulsa during or after August 2007 and through April, 2016.
  11. I attended a Wright College during the time specified. How do I access my Transcript? 
    Telephone or email the OBPVS to ask to be provided with a Transcript Request Form.
  12. How long does it usually take the OBPVS to process a Transcript Request? 
    Typically, Transcripts are issued within one or two business days.
  13. How can I be sure that my Transcript is issued as quickly as possible? 
    a)  Be sure the completed Transcript Request is read-able.  b)  Be sure to sign the Request before submitting it.  c)  If an Employer or another School will permit the Transcript to be transmitted directly from the OBPVS to that entity via email or facsimile (not always the case) -- be sure to provide the OBPVS with an accurate email address or FAX number, including Area Code.