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Updated Schools List


The OBPVS updated the List of Current Schools as of January 14, 2020.  The List is now available under the “RESOURCES” Tab as either a WORD(R)document or in a .pdf format.  Going forward, List updates will be madenot less than Quarterly.  However!  If you are interested in a Schoolthat is either not shown on the posted Lists or the listing looksdifferent than what you expected, please contact the OBPVS Todo so, telephone on a work day or use one of the Staff’s email addresseslocated in the “CONTACT US” Tab.  The Staff will be happy to research a current license status.  The status may have changed since thelast List was published.  Please understand that New Schools are licensedby the OBPVS throughout the year, not just on a single date.  Schools mayalso cease licensing during a year or sometimes a School simply changes namesand/or locations.  

It is important to MAKE SURE about a School’s status!  That is because it isalso possible that you have encountered an UNLICENSED School for which the OBPVSmay offer no safeguards or that the School is legitimately EXEMPT fromOBPVS licensing.  In either case the OBPVS Staff will be happy to providean explanation of what the status means.  Lastly, if you are with aSchool and you notice a possible error, PLEASE promptly notify the OBPVS for a correction to be made asap. Thanks!